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7th General Teleconference

June 11, 2017

8:00pm ET




Briefings from President : 

501©3 Reinstatement – The President informed the body that the 501 ©3 reinstatement project is a high priority on his 2017 action plan and is having discussions with professional tax filers to assist reinstate 501 ©3 before the end of 2017.

2017 Florida Conference:

  1. Fundraising events (Queen contest, and Raffle Draw)- All regions were encouraged to submit the names of the queens for preparation and recognition. 
  2. Tickets – Members were encouraged to sell tickets and bring all balance tickets at the Reunion.
  3. Adds – Members were urged to place advertisements in the souvenir program for a reasonable fee of $75 (full page) and $50 (half page)
  4. 3-year Projects- This will be the major agenda item for the 13th NRC meeting.
  5. Bulletin – Coordinators and officers were reminded to submit their Greetings, Reports, pictures & profiles for the Souvenir program no later than July 11, 2017. 
  6. Rev. Margaret Kartwe, Coordinator and host of the 13th NRC informed the group that the Southeast Region was all set for the hosting of the 13th Reunion and hotels and flight information were submitted to the President for distribution to all members. Immediately following her briefing, the President informed the attendees that the hotels and flight information have been posted and circulated through emails, text messages and in our Facebook group chat room. 

Briefings from Regions

  1. Regional Coordinators – 
    1. The New England Region reported that Dr. Nya Taryor was selected as the new Coordinator for the region. The President welcomed Dr. Taryor and encouraged him to provide great leadership for the growth of the Region.
    2. The Northeast Region reported that the region was 50% ready to provide a queen for the queen contest fundraising program; the Southeast was 75% ready, and New England to will provide feedback to the President pertaining to her participation.

Closing Prayer: 

Prayers were raised for the passing of Mr. Zoe Quezon’s daughter and a cousin of Ms. Helena Forfor Johnson.  We also lifted thanksgiving prayers for the upcoming wedding of Rev. Margaret Kartwe’s daughter.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.


  1. Samuel Pannoh
  2. Margaret Kartwe 
  3. Nya Taryor
  4. Kau Alpha
  5. Allen Blegaye
  6. Francis Miller
  7. Ellen Miller
  8. Marie Davis
  9. Zoe Quewon
  10. Abe Wrotto
  11. Alpha Lalugba
  12. Comfort Cooper

Samuel K. Pannoh, CPA
President, GUMMSAA-USA
(443) 610-3225

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