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Arthur Soben

Posted on July 22, 2014


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Library of Congress Control Number:  2014946660   
ISBN (10): 0913491241
ISBN (13):  978-0913491-24-9


Arthur Diggs Soben


Here is a Letter of Appreciation 
from President Barack Obama,
the President of the United States, written
to the Author and the Publisher,
Thanking them for this book.

Shortly before  2014 Christmas, right after
Mr. Arthur Soben's book: President Barack Obama:   Change of Mentality  was 
published, we sent the President a copy of the book as our Christmas gift
to him and his family. Yesterday, we received a
very fine note 
from him thanking the both of us
for the gift. We were very joyful to hear from the President of the United States of America and to
know that he 
appreciated our meager gift to him
and our contribution.  We at Kiiton Press are exceedingly happy 
for this letter from the President.  

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Mr. Arthur Diggs Soben's book is the 7th in our
(KP)  New Kiiton Press Liberian Writers Series

The Author, Arthur Diggs Soben
retired from self employment (Taxicab, and Laundromat businesses).  He is a father of four children, Tupee, Mamai, Michelle, and Patrick.  He obtained a B.A. degree in accounting from the University of Liberia, and earned M.B.A. from Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, U.S.A. 

     Mr. Soben worked tirelessly as volunteer with “Obama for America” Campaign.  He served as poll worker for the 2012 US General Election in the state of Rhode Island.  Anyway, this book is not about the author, it is about President Barack Obama, and the CHANGE of MENTALITY of the American people that gave him the opportunity to begin changing America and the world for the good of mankind.

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Mr Arthur Diggs Soben has just published his first book with Kiiton Press.  The book comes off the press on July 31, 2014.  The book has 300 pages and sells for  only $12.00.   The Title of the book is:

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA:  Change of Mentality

 Publication date:  July 31, 2014.   Pre-publication copies are already out.  Contact Kiiton Press.

In this book, Mr. Soben argues that in order to bring about local, national or even international change, an arm struggle is not always necessary.  What is necessary is to change the mentality of the people for them to gain new understanding, and new perspectives about reality.  He considers Mr. Barack Obama a beneficiary of the change of mentality in America from slave holding of Jim Crow’s days to today where discrimination and segregation are now frowned upon.  It is this change of mentality that has ushered in a Black African-American (in the true sense of the word) into the White House which Mr. Soben calls the "White and Black House." When people's mentality is changed, a quiet revolution takes place where there is no need for bloodshed or violence.  

 Mr. Soben does not claim that there are no longer segregation and discrimination in America.  He believes there are still places considered bastions of racism; while there are still many who practice racism.  However, he clarifies the fact that because there is this sweeping Change of Mentality, Black people can do things they were never allowed to do; go places they could not go before; live in places they were denied to enter; and hold positions they were never permitted to hold.  It is all due to the Change of Mentality.

This is a very informative book.  Mr. Soben details Obama and Michelle's lives’ stories and navigates his readers through all the grassroots activities of Obama, his educational preparation, and his unbelievable journey from childhood into the "White House and Black House." He painstakingly guides his readers through the two elections of Obama's two terms presidency.  Mr. Soben is very good at details and specifications. 

 This is a MUST READ. Here is how Obama and Michelle did it.  Ordinary people made it happen.  You might learn some strategies for climbing the social ladder, not only in politics, but also on your job, in your career, at your school, in your organization, club or wherever you may be, where leadership matters.

By Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.
CEO, President and Founder,
Kiiton Press

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