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Burkina Faso

The name of the Anthem:  
  "Anthem of the Victory"


Per capita income

Burkina Faso 1984 
(The year the anthem was adopted)  
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  QUIZ QUESTIONS                    

1.   When did Burkina Faso get her independence? Who was the first Leader of the Independent Burkina Faso?

2.     Before and during independence, Burkina Faso was called Upper Volta because of the location of the Country.  It is situated on the upper part of the Volta River.  There are 3 tributaries with 
different colors, black, white and red coming out of the Volta River.  Their original flag was designed with three colors to 
represent the three colors of the  water
flowing from the tributaries.  This flag was the original flag for the Republic of Upper Volta. But when the country became Burkina Faso, they changed the colors of the flag to red and green with one gold star in the center as you see above.  What year was it changed from Upper Volta to
Burkina Faso?  What was the name of the President
that changed the name of the country?

3. The words from two of the native languages, Mòoré and Dioula.
In Mòoré, Burkina means, "Men of Integrity" and in Dioula, Faso means "Fatherland." This means that Burkina Faso is a land of the people who are upright, honest and have
integrity. The people of Burkina Faso are called Burkinabè.  
In ancient African history, the region now called Burkina
Faso was of the African kingdoms of Mossi.  The French
captured this land in 1896 and colonized it. Some of the
West African kingdoms at the time of the Mossi Kingdoms
included Mali and Songhay. What were the kingdoms that
made up the Mossi Kingdoms?

4. We are told that relics of the Dogon are found in Burkina Faso north and northwest regions.  Who are the Dogon people and
which country do they live in presently?
a.  Mali
b.  South Africa
c.   Namibia
d.   Gabon
e.   none of the above
5. President Sankara's effort to name the country Burkina Faso
was done so primerily to be inclusive of the multi-ethnic
groups in the country.  The Name of the country is a word of
the Mossi origin with a word of Mande origin. When was the
Original name Upper Volta changed to the new name, Burkina
Faso by President Sankara?  

6.      It is reported that on October 15, 1987, Sankara was killed by
an armed gang with twelve other officials in a coup d'etat organized by his former colleague and current president,
Biaise Compaoré. The reason for killing Sankara, according to Compaoré is that the President let relationship deteriorate between the country and its neighbor, the Ivory Coast.  
Prince Johnson is also said to have told the Liberia's Truth
and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) that the killing of
Sankara was engineered by Charles Taylor.  
True?  or False?  
7.  What is the capital city of Burkina Faso?

8. What is the population of Burkina Faso?

9. Who is Tertius Zongo?  What position does he hold in the

10. For administrative purposes, Burkina Faso is divided into
13 regions, forty-five provinces and 301 departments.
Can you name the 13 regions?

          11.    What is the political structure of this country?     

      12.    Which western nation colonized Burkina Faso and for how long? 

         13 .  Which Religion majority of the people in Burkina Faso adhere to? a. Africa Traditional Religions?
b. Christianity
c. Islam
d. Hinduism
e. Buddhism
f. Judaism



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“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) .



Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
   Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

       National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

    The World Atlas


Listen to the

National Anthems of All
               African Countries

Every day a different African country's national     Anthem will play the entire day on this page.   This gives us an opportunity to listen to all the
National Anthems of each country in Africa.   There are 53 countries in Africa.  Some have
said that Liberia has one of the best Anthems
in the world.  Now we can listen to all the 
National Anthems of Africa and compare ours
with theirs.

The other reason for this exercise
is to provide our people the opportunity to
listen to, and to learn about other African
countries, see their flags, hear their National
Anthems, and enjoy the very beautiful music
we call, a country's National Anthem. Much
of our information comes from 

Please take note of the dates each

country's Anthem is played.  We begin with
South Africa on the 5th of August and end with
São Tomé and Principe on September 24, 2013.
If you want to know more about any of the
African countries, just click on the name of 
the particular country below on the left in blue among the list of 53 countries and you will have the information right there at your finger tip.

One interesting factor about the listing of the 
African countries in the order in which they are
listed.  They are listed with the country with the
highest per capital income above and the lowest
per capital income at the bottom of the list. Liberia
is 6 up from the bottom.   Total number of countries
is 53.


French lyrics English translation
Contre la férule humiliante il y a déjà mille ans,
La rapacité venue de loin les asservir il y a cent ans.
Contre la cynique malice métamorphosée
En néocolonialisme et ses petits servants locaux
Beaucoup flanchèrent et certains résistèrent.
Mais les échecs, les succès, la sueur, le sang
Ont fortifié notre peuple courageux et fertilisé sa lutte héroïque.
Refrain :
Et une seule nuit a rassemblée en elle
L'histoire de tout un peuple.
Et une seule nuit a déclenché sa marche triomphale
Vers l'horizon du bonheur.
Une seule nuit a réconcilié notre peuple
Avec tous les peuples du monde,
A la conquête de la liberté et du progrès
La Patrie ou la mort, nous vaincrons !
Nourris à la source vive de la Révolution.
Les engagés volontaires de la liberté et de la paix
Dans l'énergie nocturne et salutaire du 4 août
N'avaient pas que les armes à la main, mais aussi et surtout
La flamme au coeur pour légitimement libérer
Le Faso à jamais des fers de tous ceux qui
Çà et, là en poluaient l'âme sacrée de l'indépendance, de la souveraineté.
Et séant désormais en sa dignité recouvrée
L'amour et l'honneur en partage avec l'humanité,
Le peuple du Burkina chante un hymne à la victoire,
A la gloire du travail libérateur, émancipateur.
A bas l'exploitation de l'homme par l'homme !
Hé en avant pour le bonheur de tout homme,
Par tous les hommes aujourd'hui et demain, par tous les hommes ici et pour toujours !
Révolution populaire notre sève nourricière.
Maternité immortelle du progrès à visage d'homme.
Foyer éternel de démocratie consensuelle,
Où enfin l'identité nationale a droit de cité,
Où pour toujours l'injustice perd ses quartiers,
Et où, des mains des bâtisseurs d'un monde radieux
Mûrissent partout les moissons de vœux patriotiques, brillent les soleils infinis de joie.
Against the humiliating bondage of a thousand years
Rapacity came from afar to subjugate them for a hundred years.
Against the cynical malice in the shape
Of neo-colonialism and its petty local servants.
Many gave in and certain others resisted.
But the frustrations, the successes, the sweat, the blood
Have fortified our courageous people and fertilized its heroic struggle.
And one single night has drawn together
The history of an entire people,
And one single night has launched its triumphal march.
Towards the horizon of good fortune.
One single night has brought together our people
With all the peoples of the World,
In the acquisition of liberty and progress.
Motherland or death, we shall conquer.
Nourished in the lively source of the Revolution,
The volunteers for liberty and peace
With their nocturnal and beneficial energies of the 4th of August
Had not only hand arms, but also and above all
The flame in their hearts lawfully to free
Faso forever from the fetters of those who
Here and there were polluting the sacred soul of independence and sovereignty.
And seated henceforth in rediscovered dignity,
Love and honour partnered with humanity,
The people of Burkina sing a victory hymn
To the glory of the work of liberation and emancipation.
Down with exploitation of man by man!
Forward for the good of every man
By all men of today and tomorrow, by every man here and always!
Popular revolution our nourishing sap.
Undying motherhood of progress in the face of man.
Eternal hearth of agreed democracy,
Where at last national identity has the right of freedom.
Where injustice has lost its place forever,
And where from the hands of builders of a glorious world
Everywhere the harvests of patriotic vows ripen and suns of boundless joy shine.



Courtesy of

“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) .


Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

                 National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

The World Atlas










 South Africa---                                                       August  5



 Nigeria                                                                   August  6



 Egypt                                                                    August  7



 Algeria                                                                  August  8



 Angola                                                                   August  9



 Morocco                                                                 August  10



 Sudan                                                                    August  11



 Tunisia                                                                   August  12



 Ghana                                                                  August  13



 Libya                                                                    August  14



      August  15



      August  16



      August  17



       Ivory Coast                                                        
        August  18



 Tanzania                                                                 August  19



 Equatorial Guinea                                                  August  20



      August  21



      August  22



      August  23



      August  24



 Democratic Republic of the Congo                          August  25



 Republic of the Congo                                            August  26



 Senegal                                                                August  27



 Mozambique                                                          August  28



 Namibia                                                                August  29



      August  30



      August  31



       September   1



 Burkina Faso                                       
      September   1



      September   2



      September   3



      September   4



      September   5



      September   6



      September   7



 Guinea                                                                    September   8



      September   9



       September   10



       September   11



      September   12



 Lesotho                                                                  September   13



      September   14



 Sierra Leone                                     
      September   15



 Central African Republic                                        September   16



 Cape Verde                                       
       September   17



 Djibouti                                                                   September   18



      September   19



      September   20



 The Gambia                                      
      September   21



      September   22



      September   23



 São Tomé and Príncipe                                          September   24


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