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C. W. William Allen


Dr. C. William Allen

C. William Allen is the current Director General of the Civil Service Agency of the Republic of Liberia and was Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism in the Transitional Government of the Republic of Liberia (October 2003–January 2006). He completed his graduate studies in the United States and earned a Ph.D. in mass communications from the S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. As an associate professor at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Dr. Allen taught journalism and mass communications (2001-2003). He also taught at the University of South Carolina Spartanburg, Xavier University in New Orleans, and the University of Liberia.


In The African Interior Mission School (AIMS), C. William Allen has attempted to unravel some of the cultural complexities of Liberian society.  The book is a double drama of the lives of two teenage boys:  Obadiah (OB) Dixon and Jerimiah (Jerry) Saye Gompa.  It is about a friendship that transcends the barriers of the "Kwi"/"Country" Dichotomy which sometimes polarizes Liberian society.

The book addresses the familiar themes of rural versus urban values on the one hand, and the effects of Christian missionaries on the Liberian educational system, on the other.  It is spiced with scenes of teen-age romance, voodoo, politics, polygamy, and death.

Written in a form of a novel.  The African Interior Mission School (AIM) is both educational and entertaining.  The meticulous mix of facts and fiction makes it a work of faction.  This book will most likely become a classic in due time.  It is also appropriate to be used as textbook for secondary schools as well as for colleges and universities. 

ISBN  (10)  0-913491-15-2
ISBN  (13)  978-0-913491-15-7
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