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Edward L. Wonkeryor

Dr. Edward L. Wonkeryor

Dr. Wonkeryor was born in Gorton Town, Nimba County,
Republic of Liberia, West Africa. He completed his primary junior high
and secondary education in Nimba County.  He worked with the
Liberian Broadcasting System (LBS) as radio manager under the
repressive People's Redemption Council (PRC) military government
from 1980-1982.

Presently, Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor is an assistant professor 
(teaching/instructional) of African American Studies
at Temple University where he earned his Ph.D.
Wonkeryor has authored seven books or book chapters
on African military, ethnicity, political communication, 
broadcasting, development and democracy, and many
articles on the evolving democracy in Africa and the 
resistance activities of Africans on the continent and in
the United States. Dr. Wonkeryor’s research interests 
are: African political history, peace and conflict resolution,
military, democratic governance, security and globalization,
19th and 20th century African American history, mass
communication, and race and ethnic relations. 

Author: Dr. Edward Lama Wonkeryor

Liberia Military Dictatorship:  A Fiasco 'Revolution' 1985 

First Liberian Writers Series #3
ISBN (10) 0-913491-07-1  (Hardback)
ISBN (10) 0-913491-06-3- (Paperback)
ISBN (13) 0-913491-06-5  (Paperback)


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