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Graduation and Honoring

Posted on June 18, 2017

(Sorry we have no pictures of one of our graduates to show)

Annie Saye's
daughter, Nehway Vertilda Sahn graduated on Friday, 
June 2, 2017



Community Cook-out in honor of Denise Wolobah

June 10, 2017

Amos Wolobeh's
daughter  graduation celebration

For information Please call
Amos at 


Congratulations to 2 of Our Children 
Who graduated 
From High School this June.

The two girls are:

Denise Wolobah,
the daughter of Amos Wologbah and

Nehway Vertilda Sahn
the daughter of Annie Saye  

To both of these girls, the Members of the New England Region of GUMMSAA express their sincere Congratulations for the job well done.  We want you to know that our prayers are with you in whatever you do.  We want to follow your progress as you embark on your next journey, whether you plan to go on to work in the corporate world or you plan to go on to College, we wish you good luck and all of God's blessings.  We wish that you succeed in whatever you do. GUMMSAA welcomes you as members of our organization. Since your parents attended Ganta Mission School, you inherit the rights and privileges of becoming honorary members of GUMMSAA. 
(Article III GUMMSSA  Constitution and By-Laws)   
Whatever we can do we will try to do; and please feel free to share with us your hopes, dreams, visions, aspirations and ambitions.


       I LOVE  


Can I claim LU also as my

Alma Mater?

I love Alumni Association meetings. It is one of the best places to go to spend some time when you are not too busy.  It is even wonderful to attend it after you have retired. You will meet some of those friends and foes you have not seen for years. When you are fortunate to live as long as I have lived, you will enjoy an Alumni Association meeting because you may just be lucky to see the kinds of changes that many of the people that you once knew, including your very self, have gone through and are going through---metamorphoses, transformation, transfiguration, transmutation, alteration, you name it.



Considering your own changes, physical, mental, intellectual and economic as well as other changes, you will be fascinated to see some of your old buddies no longer have hair on their head.  Some may be wearing dentures, while others are on crushes or in wheel chairs. You will see a lot of people with hair that have turned gray with salt and pepper quality; sometimes more salt than pepper.


All those changes are vivid reminder of our impending mortality and our finitude. Alumni Association meetings help us to come to grips with our frail humanity and the harsh reality that we are finite beings living on borrowed time. At Alumni Association meetings, we come face to face with the reality of the omnipotence of God or the enormous power of God and the ever-changing phenomenon we call life. At an Alumni Association meeting, you learn that some of those who walked and talked with you at some point in your life’s journey are no longer present at the meeting because they have gone on to glory.  Then you wonder what is, and who will be next and when? “Will I be here next year?” You may ask yourself. Alumni Association meeting is a place of Epiphany. If you search hard enough, you will experience the omnipresence or the omniscience of God. You may call it a place of theophany, A visible manifestation to mankind of God, where human beings encounter the presence of the "Holy of Holies." Alumni Association meeting is a “Holy Ground,” a place of revelatory experiences for those who will ask and seek for them. Alumni Association meeting is a place to be.

A friend reminded me that Alumni Association meeting is also a place where one feels a sense of humility and gratitude. Realizing that some of your trusted friends and loved ones have passed, you wonder how blessed you are to still be living.  You become grateful and appreciative of the fact that God has sustained your life to live this long. You thank God for longevity, health and strength. Coupled with this, is the sense of humility that you feel. You feel humble before God for what God has done for you.  You wonder if there is a reason why you are alive; you ask if God expects you to do something special as part of God's plan for you? If so what is it? Alumni Association meetings should bring the best out of us.

At Alumni Association meetings, especially for those of us who have grown in age, we do not experience much peer pressure, because we have no peers left to give us that pressure.  Some of the people you will find it hard to recognize their faces--the faces you once knew.  Life has taken its toll on all of us so that some folks age gracefully while others age violently. So is life.


At the Alumni Association meetings, you get to sing some of the old songs you once sang, and listen to some old familiar jokes members of your class were accustomed to telling.  An Alumni Association Meeting is a bundle of joy and sadness, notwithstanding, your school ode always gives you some comfort and joy of a renewed spirit from within about a place and time you once encountered on your life’s journey. If your school does not have a school ode, write one.  If you do not have the skills and talents in music, contact others or get together and write one. It is a great feeling when the students are singing their school ode, they take special pride in doing so. Ganta Mission students, CWA students and Cuttington students will tell you about the feelings derived from singing their school ode.


I love Alumni Association meetings. I don’t attend many of them these days because of declining health, but I love them.  I have not attended one lately. I cannot attend all of them because they all have their special challenges, demands, and sometimes one has to choose the school with which one wishes to associate closely. For me, the Ganta United Methodist Mission School was one of the three elementary schools I attended. It has a special place in my heart. I have a deep and abiding passion for the school.  I hope to attend the forthcoming meeting in Florida in August (4th to 6th) if God is willing and if the funds are available.  As for CWA and Cuttington Alumni Association meetings, I have not been very active in those Associations; even though I owe those schools my eternal gratitude for the quality of education I gleaned from them. 

Alumni Association meetings sometimes produce wonderful benefits.  Members decide to offer all kinds of supports for their Alma Mater.  Sometimes, they send money to the school, help with students' tuitions, help subsidize teacher's salaries,  help to renovate the school, buy books for students,  buy sports equipment or provide jerseys for your school team, build the school's library or construct some fixtures on the school campus where people can sit and rest.  Alumni Association meetings are important for every school.  If your school does not have an Alumni Association, I will encourage you to organize one.  Most of us have attended over 3 or 5 different schools.  Stick to the one you love most. Help make a critical difference in the school of your choice. 


Coming to think about it, I am not sure if I can consider myself as an alumnus of the University of Liberia.  While attending Cuttingtron College, (in the late 60’s and early 70’s,  1968-1971),  now known as Cuttington University, I had a couple of occasions that I attended two sessions of summer school classes at LU in Business Administration under the late Professor Flumo Stevens.  I took the courses to speed up my graduation process at Cuttington.  That helped me to graduate in 3 ½ years with Mill Jones, Bonaface Gbalazeh and a few others in July of 1971.  I did not attend LU during regular classes when schools were in operation, only during my summer vacations.


 I find myself sometimes contributing to programs and events held by the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus when they honor the life and legacy of the great Teacher and Musician, Professor Agnes Nebo von Ballmoos.  I have so much to celebrate.  Now that summer has come once again, many Alumni Association meetings will be taking place.  Even though I claim Cuttington University, CWA and Ganta Mission School as my Alma Maters, can I also claim the University of Liberia as one of my Alma Maters since I did summer courses there under Dr. Flomo Stevens?  Someone, please help me answer this question. Am I an alumnus of LU or not?


Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.


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