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Hymn of Gratitude


Hymn of Gratitude, challenge, and a Call to Christian Service
Ganta United Methodist Community

Written by
Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

  Information on Gratitude, 
     Challenge and a Call To 
  Christian Service

This is not the school ode and it is not intended to take the place of 
the present school ode.  As someone suggested to me a few years ago,
 “Any school can have any numbers of school songs. 
We are not limited to the Ode alone. Those who wish to compose or 
write songs about our school should be encouraged to do so.” 

It is in that spirit that I embarked upon this challenge once again.  
The song is not just for the school, but I hope the school will use it all 
the time. I have intended it to be used generally with the entire 
work at Ganta. 

                                           Hartzell Building
                                Main School Building

I hope the song can be used for occasions when we 
gather together nationally or as regions or as individual chapters. 

             2nd Annual Conference/Convention in Philadelphia 2006

It is also suggested 
that when some of you are campaigning for funds 
and other supports at home and abroad, for the work at the mission
 station—be they for the school,  hospital,

                            Old and Original Ganta Mission Hospital

                                    Constructing a New Hospital
Mrs. Mary Zigbuo, the wife of 
Rev. Hurbert Zigbuo, Mission Superintendent, 
and others at work  

                          Miller McAllister United Methodist Church

or the workshops.

          Dr. George Way Harley in the shop with a log on the sawmill

                                             Old Carpenter Shop

                           Industrial Department, shop and garage


The Lion is our Mascot

 All of us should
 intentionally and repeatedly use this song to motivate and encourage our congregations, audiences and other people to support our cause.

Mr. Victor Taryor, hospital administrator, Rev. Priscilla Jaiah, Ganta
  Mission School Principal, now mission superintendent and others who speak for the school, hospital and the entire mission station can take this song with them on their tours and have the congregations and audiences they speak to, sing it as they seek support for the work at Ganta. Again, Persons who have previously served in the Mission Field at Ganta under the auspices of the General Board of Global Ministries, in any capacity, may appreciate such gesture of gratitude from us. 
If possible, the song can be introduced to the students and 
faculty at Ganta. Maybe, very many of them may be encouraged and inspired to choose their vocations or professions with intention to return and contribute their quota like many of us have done within the United Methodist Church, serving at Ganta, Gbarnga, CWA, J. J. Roberts  Elementary School, the Coastal areas, the Churches, and all places where UMC works are performed in Liberia.  I am open to your suggestions critiques and comments in regards to the song.
Reach me at

Why and for Whom was this Song Written:
Some of the intents of the song are to let others

(especially our partners in mission)

Know that we are a grateful and appreciative people.

We acknowledge both foreign and domestic contributions
to the work at Ganta.  We profoundly and exceedingly
a      appreciate and acknowledge the contributions by the
       Harleys (George Way and Winifred Jewell Harley) as well as the contributions of so many people we cannot name all in
one song, 
that at some point, ever contributed to the work at Ganta either 
through financial or material donations or
through personal 
sacrifice and service by their presence
amongst us.

And surely, 
an exceedingly large number of
men, women and young people, 
foreign and national,
a great crowd of witnesses) have impacted the
work at Ganta at all levels since its establishment in 1926.  It is impossible to name all 
these people,
some dead and some living. We 
knowledge them
and praise them for their work for us, with us
and amongst us.
            Exceedingly a Great Crowd of Witnesses,
        National and International persons in mission.
      Just a few of those who have helped to build our           United Methodist Institutions in Liberia

Moreover, all people need words of encouragement and motivation occasionally when they give a helping
hand or when taking on any given challenge or
commitment. Words of assurance are also always
necessary as persons try to identify new areas of responsibilities.  Let us assure our donors and partners
that responsible and faithful stewardship including accountability are the expectations of us all at all times
and in every endeavor in this partnership in mission. 
We must be cognizant of that fact and ready and
willing to face that challenge and do our part.

Lets continue the partnership with our friends as we 
Mold and Fashion Ganta Mission in becoming 
a place where all can feel at home, cultivating and experiencing the ever-growing presence of God at work. As a result, we can all journey together
toward the omniscient and omnipresent God who is all-knowing, all-pervasive, everywhere and even amongst us, in this
koinonia or community, guiding and blessing the works of our hands.  This is what this song, 
Gratitude, Challenge and A Call to Christian
Service is all about.  The song goes with the
tune of:

"Stand up, stand up for Jesus"

          Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.,
Former Dean and President, Gbarnga School of Theology, Liberia
Retired Clergyman from Northern Illinois Conference
Originally from the Liberia Annual Conference
8th grade class of  1963,  Ganta United Methodist Mission School,
401-545-9073  cell
401-432-7102  home/business
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