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Per capita income 
The People of Malawi are Known As "THE WARM - HEART OF AFRICA"

The name of the Anthem: "Oh God Bless Our Land Of Malawi"    Malawi 1964 (The year the anthem was adopted)

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We congratulate President Joyce Hilda Banda for her determination to continue
to fight corruption in her country.

The New Dispensation reported that 
"Malawi:  President Sirleaf's Advice to 
 'Go Slow on Corruption Fight' Rejected, Pres Banda 
Vows to Fight on If It Means Losing Election."
click here:  The New Dispensation

“I have chosen to fight against corruption in this country 
though I have been advised not to because we are 
drawing closer  to this year’s Tripartite Elections. I know 
I am fighting against 
people who are smarter, wealthier and advanced,” she said.

She disclosed that the Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf 
had advised her to resist from fighting corruption 
and concentrate 
on politics knowing that this was an elections period.

Banda further pointed out that perpetual corrupt practices 
happen when people choose to be silent.

Click on the source of this information:  The New Dispensation

We are happy to know that at least, there is one African Head of State that knows what corruption does to a nation.  That person is Joyce Hilda Banda, the President of Malawi.  For her statement and her stance to fight against corruption in her country, we honor her at Kiiton Press. We will continue to play Malawi's National Anthem (Oh God Bless Our Land Of Malawi) and exhibit the Flag of Malawi, share the information about her country and share her picture with those who do not know who this great African Leader is.

President Joyce Banda and Hilary Clinton, US Secretary of State


                                                      QUIZ QUESTIONS
1.   When did Malawi get her independence? Who was the first Leader of the Independent Malawi?  click here and look for Malawi
2. Malawi is a landlocked country like the few we have studied.
This means that it does not have an outlet to the ocean 
or sea.  It is surrounded by 3 countries.  It is bordered by
Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Lake Malawi separates 
Malawi from Tanzania and Mozambique.  This country was
formerly known as Nyasaland during the colonial era. Its total
population is estimated to be 14,900,000 (Fourteen million,
nine hundred thousand people).  We are told that Malawi got its
name from Maravi.  This is an old name for the people once known
as the Nyanja or Chewa people in Southeast Africa. Their  language
is also called the Chewa language.  These people hail from Central
and Southern Africa. Chewa people are related to the Tumbuka and 
the Nsenga people. Students of African History tell us that the
Chewa people also have very close ties with the Bemba who originated
from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  If we wish to go further
with this genealogy, we can equally state that the Chewa people are
international people whose family links extend over international
boundaries.  Of course, the reason for this is due to the fact that when
Europeans came and scrambled over Africa, taking whatever
territories they could divide among themselves,
 they divided the
continent into countries in total disregard for ethnicities or family
members were forced to remain on one side of the colonial boundaries,
other members were also forced to remain on the other side of the divide. Some families were split into halves. While  some members

 live in one country, the other members belong to another
country.  The Chewa community had also been a part of the Ngoni who belong to the Zulu or Natal/Transvaal origin.  The people of Malawi
are nick named, "The Warm Heart of Africa."

My questions are, in light of all this extended national and international
ethnicity and kinship within the Malawi community:
a.  How many countries share this Chewa/Nyanja family origin?   b. What are the bases for marriage and kinship?
c. Do you understand their taboo and totem structure?  
d. Are the people of Malawi patrilineal, or matrilineal?
e. Do they practice exogamy or endogamy?
f. How about polygamy, monogamy, or polyandry--
which is prevalent in the country? Do they also practice levirate?
g. What are some of their social and familial prohibitions
or taboo when it comes to marriage, family or kinship matters
when family members are so widespread all over the place?
Definitions to help you answer all 7 questions in #2 above.

1. taboo = prohibition, social, cultural or religious  laws forbidding
eating of certain food, forbidding having sexual relation-
ship within a particular group or with particular individuals. These are cultural restrictions or

2. totem = animals or certain natural objects that a particular
society or ethnic group or family considers to be of some spiritual values for their safety. So they adopt such objects or animals and vow not to harm, kill or eat such animals or objects.

3. patrilineal = when the father is the head of the household and the 
children take on his last name--when you trace your descent
through your father's family  line. It has to be through a male line.

4. matrilineal  =  kinship based on the mother's line of descendents.
When the mother is the head of the household and the children
trace their descendent lines and sometime bear her last name.

5. exogamy = a custom or tradition when one must marry outside
of the community, family, clan or ethnic group.

6. endogamy = a custom or tradition when one must marry within
the limits of the local community, family, clan or ethnic group.

7. polygamy = a custom or tradition where a person can marry
more than one wife or one husband at the same time.

8. polygyny = a custom or tradition where one man has more than
one wife at a time.  But the word polygamy is used most
frequently to refer to polygyny.

9. monogamy =  a custom or tradition where a person must marry
only one person at a time.  Having sexual relationship with one
partner.  Being in only one relationship at a time.

10. polyandry =  a relationship in which a woman has more than
one husband at a time. 

11. levirate = a custom or tradition by which a man is obligated to
marry his brother's widow-or his male relative's widow. This
practice was very prevalent in ancient Israel and in many parts
of Africa and the third world.


3 There are three major large cities in Malawi.  One of these is the
Capital City, which one is it?

a. Lilongwe
b. Blantyre
c. Mzuzu
d. None of the above

4 Like Liberia, Malawi has a female president.  What is her name.  Choose
one of these.
a. Joyce Banda
b. Michaelle Jean
c.     Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
d. Janet Jagan
e. Mireya Moscoso
f. None of the above     

5. What month, and year was the Malawi National Anthem adopted?
a. January 1965
b. February 1964
c. March 1963
d. April 1951
e. May 2005
f. None of the Above

6. What is Malawi's GDP (Gross Domestic Product) for 2012

7. What is the population of Malawi? 8. For administrative purposes, Malawi is divided into 28 districts. Can you name at least 15 of those districts? 9. The population of Malawi comprises of the following ethnic or languistic groups: a. Chewa, b. Nyanja c. Tumbuka d. Yao e. Lomwe, f. Sena, g. Tonga h. Ngoni i. Ngonde There is also a large population of Asians and Europeans. The official language of Malawi is Chichewa, spoken by over 57% of the population. What are the other languages spoken by the people of Malawi?         10.    What is the political structure of this country?          11.    Which Religion do most of the people of Malawi adhere to? a.     African Traditional Religions? b. Christianity c. Islam d. Hinduism e. Buddhism f. Judaism

To view the YouTube below, Please click on the square box at the right end of the music box above.

Speech by Prof PLO Lumumba at the 3rd Anti Corruption Convention

Published on Jan 7, 2

The key note speech by Prof. PLO Lumumba at the 3rd Anti-Corruption Convention that took place on 2nd December 2013 at Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda



Speech By Kenyan's Prof. Lumumba At The
Nigerian Legislature Conference On Anti-Corruption


Courtesy of

“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) .



Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013
Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra

          National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download

  The World Atlas


Mlungu dalitsani Malaŵi
Chicheŵa English

Mlungu dalitsani Malaŵi,
Mumsunge m'mtendere.
Gonjetsani adani onse,
Njala, nthenda, nsanje.
Lunzitsani mitima yathu,
Kuti tisaope.
Mdalitse Mtsogoleri nafe,
Ndi Mayi Malaŵi.

Malaŵi ndziko lokongola,
La chonde ndi ufulu,
Nyanja ndi mphepo ya m'mapiri,
Ndithudi tadala.
Zigwa, mapiri, nthaka, dzinthu,
N'mphatso zaulere.
Nkhalango, madambo abwino.
Ngwokoma Malaŵi.

O Ufulu tigwirizane,
Kukweza Malaŵi.
Ndi chikondi, khama, kumvera,
Pa nkhondo nkana pa mtendere,
Cholinga n'chimodzi.
Mayi, bambo, tidzipereke,
Pokweza Malaŵi.

O God bless our land of Malaŵi,
Keep it a land of peace.
Put down each and every enemy,
Hunger, disease, envy.
Join together all our hearts as one,
That we be free from fear.
Bless our leader, each and every one,
And Mother Malaŵi.

Our own Malaŵi, this land so fair,
Fertile and brave and free.
With its lakes, refreshing mountain air,
How greatly blest are we.
Hills and valleys, soil so rich and rare
Give us a bounty free.
Wood and forest, plains so broad and fair,
All - beauteous Malaŵi.

Freedom ever, let us all unite
To build up Malaŵi.
With our love, our zeal and loyalty,
Bringing our best to her.
In time of war, or in time of peace,
One purpose and one goal.
Men and women serving selflessly
In building Malaŵi.


SOURCES: Courtesy of

“Canada »” Accessed August 5, 2013) . Google

Wikipedia Complete National-Anthems-World-Edition-2013 Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra Kosice
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra  National anthems of the world Nationalhymnen der Welt. Free download
The World Atlas



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