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We invite all First time authors, 
as well as those who have already published



Latin Americans






Men of all professions
Women of all professions

Scholars & non-scholars


Teachers, Professors or Instructors

Instructors who need to publish 
in order to be tenured.

Housewives and any lay person

Pastors, Preachers, Priests

Elementary, Junior Hi, Senior High
School Teachers


Manuscript Submission Application Form

We welcome first time authors as well as those who have previously published. The acceptance of your work does not depend upon whether or not you have published before. Please fill out all the blanks below. We will call you and discuss the possibilities of publishing your manuscript into a book. We accept manuscripts in all genres; history, poetry, novel, children's literature written by adults and children, and many more. Don't forget to check our site for some of the other services we provide in addition to book publishing. Browse through our website for details.
To submit any manuscript to us, please remember that we accept manuscript only in four formats.
USB Memory stick, CD, flash drive and/or PDF file. If you send us a PDF folder, we will read what you have.  If and when we accept your manuscript for publication, you will then send another version to us in MicroSoft Word document, not a pdf file. We only work on manuscripts and covers that are in Word document, not on PDF file, Please. Convert your pdf files into word document after we accept the document for publication. Email the documents or send them  on a CD or USB Memory stick for formatting and page setting. Especially your book cover should be original, clear and clean in Word doc. 

                             AN IMPORTANT NOTE

Before you click on the Submit bottom, Please make sure you send us an email telling us that you have sent or you are sending your Manuscript Submission Application Form to us; otherwise, your form may end up in the spam junk file. Please remember to tell us the date you submitted your form to us.  You can also call us at 401-545-9073 or 401-432-7102.  Here is our email address:

USB Memory Stick                      CD  (disk)


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What is the Genre of your book?
Tell us the Organization that is interested in your book:
How many pages 8 1/2 X 11 will you submit?
How many pic/illustrations, B/W and/or Color are you submiting?
When will your manuscript be finished for submission?
What Audience are you targetting?
What is your primary reason for publishing this book?
What are your promotional Plans for the book?
Are you hoping to publish within a particular timeline; if so, when?
What is the title of your previous book?
Who was the Publisher?
Date the book was published:
Which of the other 3 services we provide will you be interested in?
Have you read any of our Publications?
How did you learn about us?  
When is the best day or time to call you?  
Please describe your book in 100 words or less:  


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Before submitting your manuscript

Please read about what we do with

your manuscript once it is accepted

for publication.

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