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Marcia's Mastery of Piano Series

From C to Shining C''s
For Individual and Classroom Instruction

                      Marcia Leeks, Author

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ISBN  (10) 0-913491-35-7
                           ISBN (13) 978-0-913491-35-5


Marcia’s Mastery of Piano Series

The most innovative, concise and clearly stated foundational

Modern Piano Course that evokes the student to think musically.

The Objective

The objective of this piano course is to provide a progressive
pedagogical approach to learning to play the piano.  In addition, to
provide a musiccurriculum that is inundated with fun fill technical
activities and musical activities that lead to piano mastery.

To Teachers

From C to Shining C’s piano course is designed to insure technical
proficiency, development of sight reading and a secure foundation
 in music theory.  For best results, students should be encouraged
to move through this book in sequential order at a pace that is convenient for the individual.
About the Author……..   

       Marcia Leeks is widely recognized for her piano Mastery.  She has been praised for her brilliance on piano and astounding vocal skills.  Throughout her life she has touched and inspired many to utilize their gifts and talents.  Although classically trained, she is also a dynamic gospel pianist as well. 

           She is a k-12 Music Educator who has been teaching the gift of piano, voice and orchestra She has also been teaching at Harmony Studios for 19 years. Enhancing lives through Arts Education, Performance and Advocacy, Harmony Studios has been a gathering place for individuals to learn, create, enjoy and appreciate music. This was founder Marcia Leeks vision and continues to guide her today. From voice lessons to piano lessons, Harmony Studios educates numerous students in the arts each year.

      Marcia received her musical training from Brenau College, Gainesville, Georgia, The University of Georgia and Western International.  For the purpose of elevating her skill set, she earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Education from The University of Phoenix.  As a curriculum specialist, coupled with 19 years of teaching experience, Marcia has a broad range of skills and knowledge that has been used in designing this comprehensive in-depth “From C to Shining C’s Piano mastery series."    

         In addition she is The Minister of Music of Mt. Tabor Baptist Church, Marianna, Florida.  Marcia was inducted into the Cambridge Who’s Who among Business Women publication (2010 issue), The National Deans List Publication (2007) and The Laureate International Scholar’s Program. 


Harmony Studios

   5346 Basswood Road

    Bascom, Florida  32423

      850.569.1078 or 850.960.3295

Here is the Certificate of Accomplishment the student
receives at the end of the Study.


For Marcia's Mastery of Piano Series

From C to Shining C's

 Marcia’s Mastery of Piano Series

   From C to Shining C’s                   



A revolutionary piano course unlike any course that has been previously published, this all inclusive course is a stand-alone course that provides the student with an excellent foundation in Music.  Marcia’s  Mastery of Piano Series “From C to Shining C’s is sheer brilliance.  This course has never beforeseen activities that enable students to read proficiently while engaging students in ground breaking, fun musical  activities.

   R. J. Thompson, PhD Learner
Sarasota Florida       

Marcia’s Mastery of Piano Series

       From C to Shining C's                   



  A Music Student’s “Dream Come True”.  Marcia’s Mastery of Piano Series “from C to Shining C’s is a unique approach to learning to play piano. This piano course has truly revolutionized my child’s approach to learning piano. With never before seen activities like mad minute and Name this tune, she has acquired a more positive outlook to learning piano. This innovative piano series has provided her with a broad background in music, competence on piano and overall musicality. 

Mrs. Crystal Johnson

Greenwood, Florida

Marcia’s Mastery of Piano Series

        From C to Shining C's                   



          An all inclusive tool for Teachers,
this piano Series is tailored for all
ages.  Marcia’s Mastery of Piano
Series provides students with a
clearly stated introduction to the
basic concepts of music.  Upon
completion of this book, students
possess a background in reading notes, theory, note values, dynamics, finger agility and speed.

Marcus Thompson, Min. of Music

Sarasota, Florida
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