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Marian Grier


Dr. Marian Grier
Marian E. Samuels-Grier, B.S. R.N. (Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida); M.Ed. (Early Childhood Education, University of Oklahoma); Ph.D., (Psychology of Education, University of Oklahoma); M. Div., (Sociology of Religion, Interdenominational Theological Center --  Atlanta) 1983.  After seminary, and one year in Holmes County, Mississippi where she developed and directed Wholistic Health Programs for eleven United Methodist Churches, Dr. Grier spent four months in England at Selly Oaks Colleges, Birmingham, in preparation for service in Missions in Africa.  She served in Liberia, West Africa, from January 1984 through 1987.

Dr. Grier has two children - a son, Frank, in Germany with the Green Beret Forces of the United States Army, and a daughter, Suzanne, of Atlanta.  She also has three grandchildren.

Her activities include voounteering in Youth and Adult programs in the City of Atlanta.  She has a strong belief in "Wholistic Health"  health of mind, body and spirit.

 ISBN (10) 0-913491-21-7
ISBN (13) 987-0-913491-21-8

About this book, Dr. Wimberly of ITC wrote:

"Western Culture has often driven one artificial split between body, mind, and spirit.  However, the African American Christian heritage has not fallen victim to the artificial separation of mind, body and spirit.  Marian Grier has skillfully documented the sources of Wholism in the religious and cultural heritage of African and Christianity. She describes the relationship of these services to the incarnation ofChrist and chronicles the implication of the incarnation for wholistic ministry of health."

Dr. Edward Wimbly
Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC)
Atlanta, Georgia

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