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Michael Dash et al

Dr. Michael Dash is Associate Professor of Ministry and Director of Field Education at Interenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.  He is a minister in the United Methodist Church.  Before joining the faculty at I.T.C. in 1985, he was program staff person with the United Methodist General Board of Discipleship.  He has a continuing interest in the missioin and ministry of local churches in their communities.
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Cooyright © 1994 by
M. Dash, R. Dixon, D. Swann &
N. T'Ofori-Atta

Dr. Ndugu T'Ofori-Atta  (George B. Thomas) is Associate Professor of Missiology at Interdenominational Theological Center, founder and Director of the Religious Heritage of the African World (RHAW) project, and advisor to international students.  He was the designer and convenor of the First PanAfrican Christian Church Conference (PACC I) and has organized two African Research Travel Seminars for students.  He is author of Young Black Adults: Liberation and Family Attitudes; and a contributor to Black Families In America: Teaching Our Children To Walk Tall, edited by Andrew Billingsley.  His most recent publications incloude: ChristKwanza, Catalogue of Documentations of Audio/Visual Resources (Proect Interdocumentation) Archival/Contemporary, 1970-1993 and co-edited with Dr. Darius L. Swann, In The Spoirit of Christ - One Humanity, One Struggle, One Hope: Pre-Conference Planning PACC II papers, Accra, Ghana.

Towards An Afrocentric Christian Witness

"This book had its conception in the planning for the historic Pan African Christian Church Conference I (PACCC I) which was held at the Interdenominational Theological  Center (ITC) in July 1988.  The conference brought together students, church leaders, and scholars from South, Central, and North America, Africa, the Caaribbean, the Pacific, and Asia.  The daughters and sons of BlackAfrica and the African diaspora gathered to reflect on their faith journey, to share their presentsitutions and to descern the leading of the Holy Spirit into the future...The need to affirm our identity, to overcome ourself-estrangement, to know who our people are and to develop an appreciation of our heritage and countribution to world culture is the wellspring of this book."  (R. Dixon, from the Introduction & Purpose)


Dr. Randal C. Bailey,
Associate Professor, Old Testament (O.T) and Hebrew, ITC

Dr. Charles B. Copher, 
Professor Emeritus, O.T., ITC

Dr. Michael I. N. Dash,
Associate Professor of Ministry, ITC

Dr. Rita Dixon,
Coordinator for Black Congregational Enhancement on the Staff of the Racial Ethnic Unit of the Presbyterian Church, USA.

Dr. Ndugu G. B. T'Ofori-Atta,
Associate Professor of Missiology, ITC

Dr. Kofi Aasare Opoku,
Associate Professor of Religion and Ethics at the University of Ghana, Legon

Dr. Darius L. Swann,
Professor Emeritus, Missiology and World Religions, ITC

Vera Poe Swann,
Associate for Women's Ministry in the Southeast Regional Office, Presbyterian Church,  USA

Ron L. Worthy, Historian-researcher of Black Antiquity

Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. 
Pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago

Archbishop Yesehaq,
Distinguished Church Official of the Ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopia.

Dr. Darius L Swann is Professor Emeritus of Missiology and World Religions at Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia.  An ordained Presbyterian minister, he is a former missionary to China and India.  He is author of a number of books, plays and articles, the most recent work being India Theatre: Traditions of Performance, co-authored and co-edited with Farley Richmond and Pillipi Zarrilli, and co-edited with Dr. Ndugu T'Ofori-Atta, In The Spirit of Christ - One Humanity, One Struggle, One Hope. 


Rita Dixon-- (PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE) is Co-ordinator for Black Congregational Enhancement on the staff of the Racial Ethnic Unit of the Presbyterian Church (USA), and chairs the National Black Church/Education Team.  She has served as Director of Teacher/Community Education of the Education Development Center, Cambridge, MA., and Director of Inner-city Trainers of Teachers Training Project in the same city. She has been teacher in the public schools of Atlanta, Georgia, Hampton, VA., and Washington, D.C.  Widely traveled, she has authored many articles and resources relating to church education. 

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