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Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

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Liberia Facing Mount Nimba:
A Documentary History of the United Nimba Citizens' Council   (UNICCO) 
Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

The book has long been out of print.  This is the only written history of UNICCO during its first 15 years when it was born. A very important early history of the organization--the formative years of UNICCO.  The book outlines how the organization was formed, who all participated in its formation and who served in the various chapters in different capacities from December 1979 to 1991.  

The book contains a political, economic and mythological history of the People (Mah, Daan and Mandingo) who live in North Central Liberia; the region we refer to as Nimba County. The author explains the problems Liberians face after coming to the United States of America.  He details what UNICCO has done in America and in Liberia since 1975. He discusses the struggle with Samuel K. Doe's regime, the immigration problems Liberians face in the USA, and the many conferences UNICCO has had to that time of publication.  The author gives names and some pictures of people who have taken part in these conferences and what the conferences have achieved under some of UNICCO's leaders.

The book is not all about successes and victory, it also reveals a people' struggle with themselves and with internal conflict and organizational quandary. The final chapter recounts the Liberian Civil war, its broader implications for the Liberians, most especially the people of Nimba and Grand Gedeh Counties.  Where do they go from here?  The book provides options about what Liberia needs to do if it must once again become a part of the world community. It discusses what Nimba must do to remain a viable force in the Liberian political arena.

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Nya Kwiawon Taryor 

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Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr., is former lecturer in Religion, African, African-American Studies and Coordinator of Chaplaincy at Hanilton College, Clinton, New York.   He is a former lecturer of World Religion at California State University at Fullerton; Professor Emeritus, Cuttington University, Liberia; and Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi.  He is a former President and Dean, Gbarnga School of Theology.  Dr. Taryor also taught Middle Eastern Religions, African Traditional Religions and Philosophy, Missiology and Theology at the Interdenoninational Theologial Center (ITC) in Atlanta, Georgia, for a number of years.  He taught History of World Religions and Christian Approaches to Islam at Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Taryor is the author of several books and has co-authored many books, written several book-reviews and articles in leadidng scholarly and non-scholarly Journals including the Liberian Studies Journal, The Journal of the Interdenominational Theological Center, Liberia Forum, "Religions in Liberia"  Lliberia Forum 5, no. 8 (1989).  The Forum was published by Robert Kappel and Werner Korte in Germany.  This is intended to name just a few .  He has written chapters in, or written Introductions or Foreward for many books.  A few of them include, but not limited to:  Towards a Church of the Poor, The Work of an Ecumenical Group on the Church and the Poor, published by the World Council of Churches, edited by Julio De Santa Ana.  Taryor's chapter is, "How the Poor Challenge the Church" (pp. 97-113). He wrote a chapter in Journey of Struggle, Journey in Hope, edited by Jane Heaton.  Taryor's chapter is, "Theological Eduation in Africa for What?"  (pp. 63-66).  Taryor wrote the Introduction to Dr. Edward Wonkeryor's book, Liberia Military Dictatorship: A Fiasco "Revolution".  Taryor has a book review in the Liberian Studies Journal Volume XVI Number 2, 1991.  Taryor has also written an article in the United Methodist Publication called, New World Outlook, Feb. 1978, pp. 24-27.

A few of Dr. Taryor's books he has authored include but not limited to the following:

Impact of the African Tradition on African Christianity

Justice, Justice, A Cry of My People

Liberia:  Facing Mount Nimba (A Documentary History of the United Nimba Citizens' Council) UNICCO

A kee Zi:  Constitutions and By-Laws of UNICCO, National and Local Chapters

Religions and Politics in Liberia

No Room in the Bethlehem Inn:  Drama about the Birth of Jesus Christ

Understanding African Christianity and the African Church:
A Sequel to Impact of the African Tradition on African Christianity.

Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì [Mãhwè 101] First Primer, Learning to Speak the Mah Language of Nimba County, Liberia

Mãhwè Mìndàn Kìì [Mãhwè 201] Second Primer, Learning to Speak the Mah Language of Nimba County, Liberia

Quotations and statements from these books are used widely by scholars all over the world.  Scholars quote from these books and use the books as references, sources for documentation, footnotes, bibliographies, etc.  Most of the books here can be found in major libraries (colleges, universities, seminaries, public libraries) around the world.  Click here.  Once you are on that page, please click on each of the titles and you will see the libraries around the world in which you will find copies of these books.  For example, the first book is Impact of the African Tradition on African Christianity.  That book can be found in over 183 different libraries in the USA and around the world.  You will find copies at Harvard University, Boston University, Brown University, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, and other places, Canada, England, Australia, the Netherlands, France, you name them.  Just click on and click on the title.

Some of these books have been used as textbooks in colleges, universities, seminries and study groups in churches and organizations in many countries.

In addition, Dr. Taryor has helped more than over 30 people publish their books.  He has attended numerous professional conferences, convocations, conventions, seminars, and meetings and presented academic and non-academic papers and spoken as guest speaker upon invitations from churches, universities, seminaries, schools, churches, clubs, and organizations both in Liberia and the United states of America as well as in Oxford University and at the Ecumenical Centre of Ayia Napa in Cyprus and other countries.  He has trained church leaders, preachers, teachers, and other professional people in the USA and in Liberia.  A few of the places he was invited to preach at (in the 1980s) or present papers or serve as guest speaker, that were published in newspapers can be found on this page - click here:  Speaking Engagements.

Dr. Taryor, (center of picture with African outfit and hat, Row 3 #8) attending the Oxford Institute of Methodist Theological Studies in 1977. Oxford University, England. [please click on the underlined statement in yellow]


Which Welcomed Me As A Student

Yela Mission School

Saclepea Public School

Ganta United Methodist Mission School

College of West Africa

University of Liberia (Summer School)

Cuttington University College

The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC)

Atlanta University (School of Social Work)

Claremont School of Theology in conjunction with the

Claremont University, Claremont, California



Gbarnga School of Theology, Liberia

Cuttington University College, Liberia

Pineywoods Country Life School, Mississippi

Jackson State University, Mississippi

Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

The Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC), Atlanta

Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, Georgia

The Latin American Bible College, La Puente, California

California State University – Fullerton, California





First Presbyterian Church—San Fernando, California

Tappita United Methodist Church, Liberia

Maywood United Methodist Church, Maywood, Illinois

West Englewood United Methodist Church, Chicago, Illinois

Pineywoods Country Life School, Mississippi

Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

     Christ Church by the Sea, U. Methodist, Newport Beach, California

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