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Your first step is to fill out the manuscript submission form.
Submit it to us for our evaluation.  You will hear from us shortly. 
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 Manuscript submission form

1.  Once we agree on the terms of the contract, how many books you will be needing and the day you want to set as your publication date, we will send you a contract and we will start right away on your book.
   2.  The manuscript will be edited and published, in paperback edition,
size [ 8.5 X 5.5].

3.   Due to the size of the manuscript, the book could be published
in 1 or 2 vols. Vol. I and Vol. II  (both volumes) will come off the press simultaneously.  In most cases, our authors send us manuscripts just enough to make only one volume.

4.  The cover of your book will be laminated. We laminate all the covers of  the books we publish.  We bind our books using wire and glue  to make the book spine very strong so that the book will not fall apart or crack loose easily.  The contract spells out everything.

5.  After the book is published, for a small fee, we can do some
promotional brochures and posters for your book that you can send to many places, schools, churches, organizations, associations, friends and relatives, announcing the publication of your book.  Book signing arrangements can be  made with local libraries, schools and churches in your town or wherever you please.

6. The following information are necessary for all our publications. 
Each author must make sure that they also be applied to your book.

(a)  ISBN [International Standard Book Number

(10) digits
(13) digits

     (b)  A Library of Congress Catalogue Number
   is assigned to your book while in publication.
   With those numbers, every library will be happy
   to secure your book because the numbers 
   they need from the Library of Congress to 
   catalogue your book are already on your book. 

                         (c)  Barcode:  Some of our books are sold in
      book stores, department stores and even
      supermarkets.  They use scanners to scan
      the price of your book at the chash rigestrar.
      Without the barcode, they will not accept 
      your book.  

           (d)   Copyright your book with the Library of Congress


7.   While the content of each book is important to us, the physical structure of each book is considered with care. There is a myth that people do not buy a book by the cover.  That is not true.  People certainly buy books by the cover and color. We are concerned
about both the inside and the outside of your book.  Each of our books must have attractive cover, as well as the inside text properly edited before the book gets off the press.   We try to
make the binding very strong. We use both wire and clue to bind each book.  We include an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) on each book along with the Library of Congress Control Number.  In addition, we include barcode at the back of each book because some of our books are sold in department stores, bookstores and 
other places where each book that is sold, is scanned for the price. 

8.  At the end of each publication, we copyright your book with the Library of Congress. We promote your book with, Barnes and Nobles along with other book dealers that order books from Kiiton Press. Therefore, it is exceedingly crucial that our books are published professionally.

9.  To crown it all, we use acid-free papers so that the book will not turn yellowish with age.  The Library of Congress recommends that all book publishers use acid-free paper if possible.  Other publishers see it as optional, but we at Kiiton Press see it as a necessity.   Cover lamination is another important factor in our publishing at Kiiton Press.  We make sure that all our book covers are laminated to protect the book covers from blemishes, liquid damages and scratches. The acid-free paper we used  for the inside text is 24 lb. white that is thick enough not to bleed.  

10.  Library of Congress cataloging numbers will be assigned to your book. With the Library of Congress Cataloging number, any library around the world will welcome your book quickly because the information libraries look for in every book to make cataloging your book easy will already be there as assigned to your book by the Library of Congress.

11.  Your book will be featured permanently in the Library of Congress after we copyright the book.

12.  Your book will also be registered with Bowker & Bowker  Books in Print. With that done, nationally and globally, your book will be accessible anywhere in the world.

13.  A blog will be created for your book on this website along with all of our authors as you see here.  Click here:  Authors 

Our Publishing contract allows for Trade Publishing, as well as Collaborative and Self-publishing options. Call and we will explain what each option means.


While the name of our printing company has gone through several name changes, [Struggles’ Community Press, then SCP Third World Literature Publishing House and now Kiiton Press] our mission and purpose have remained the same: to fill the void and neglect left by the major publishing houses, and to publish books especially for Liberian writers who otherwise may not have their books published by the big publishing houses.  This is why we are now starting anew, The New KP Liberian Writers Series.  Former Minister of Health and Social Welfare  of Liberia.  Hon. Martha Kau Sendolo-Bellah's autobiography, The Years of My Life (over 226 pages) a very fascinating and informative reading is the second in the series.

What Kinds of Manuscripts Do We Need?

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Short Stories, Scholarly books, Cookbooks, Family History/Family Tree, Church History, City History, Organization History, Book of Poems, Corporate History, Training Manual, Children’s Book and Paperback Text Books, Masters Thesis and Dissertations

Kiiton Press is looking for some good manuscripts to publish on African/African American History and Life
  We want manuscripts dealing with the social, political, economic, religious and cultural conditions of the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa—especially on Liberia.   We publish books of interest to a broader audience and not so broad audience as well.

We specialize in book publishing 
for scholars and non-scholars.  

Our editors make sure your book is well designed.  We copyright your book with the Library of Congress and assign ISBN  (International Standard Book Number) to each edition, along with a Library of Congress Cataloging In Publication Data or Library of Congress Control Number is included.


We also help promote and sell your book

to libraries, (public & private), bookstores, (schools & university bookstores), jobbers, wholesalers, and book dealers. Your book is listed in Books In Print, and other book information sources.  A review of your book is placed in the appropriate magazines, journals, and newspapers.  We can even help arrange a book signing party in your local community library or church and school. We promote your book on the Internet.

Send us Biography, Autobiography, Poetry, Short Stories, Novels, Children’s Literature, Women Studies, Unpublished Dissertations, Masters’ Thesis and Memoirs.  We are looking for literature on human interest—War, Love and Peace—Academic as well as Non-academic.

No limitations to the number of pages.  Any manuscript from 50 pages up is considered a book by the Library of Congress.  Children’s books can be more or less than 50 pages. The work you are submitting to us must be received on computer disk or CD on a USB memory stick. We guarantee quality and professionalism.  Call us at 401-432-7102  or Cell:  401 545-9073.

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