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The little girl you see at the sides of the page is my daughter.
She has her law degree from USC and now a lawyer in Chicago.


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Art work from:  Scholars On Parade,  by David A. Lockmiller.
Colleges and Universities, Academic Degrees, Caps and Gowns,
 Hood Colors, and Regalia.

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Bentley & Simon
Academic Regalia

We want you to earn one or two
or even three of these degrees



GED--High school Diploma

A Bachelor’s Degree

Graduate Degree and/or

A Post Graduate Degree


(401) 432-7102

Dear Friends,

We have helped many students with tutorial services.

1. With a couple of people now on our staff, we are   ready to help students who want to earn their
GED for their High School Diploma.

2.         College Term Papers

3.         Master’s Degree Theses and other papers

4.         Capstone (on-line or regular resident students’       study program—(Masters Degree)
   5.         Your Professional Project, Ph. D., Ed. D., D. Min.,                and  Th. D. Dissertations 

  • We provide tutorial services and help you with your manuscript preparation.
  • We help you do scholarly research, gathering of information and consolidating the information for the final writing of the paper.
  • We specialize in the APA Style of documentation.                          [American Psychological Association] style.

  • We provide professional editorial, scholarly writing, and publication services.
  • We realize that some of you are very busy and are tied down with your regular jobs and/or domestic activities.  Chances are, you do not have sufficient time to do your own research and writing.  You want to go back to school, but other activities are competing for your time.  We are willing to provide the tutorial service you need to free you to do what you have always wanted to do and get that DEGREE you need to advance in your career.

  • CALL ME, let’s talk.  Maybe, this is the help you have always wanted.  As we have helped so many people, we can help you too.

                              Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr..

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