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Yei Ruth Gausi Wuor

Posted on February 2, 2016

 About the Author

Yei Ruth Gausi Wuor
was born in Lei-ghen, Nimba County, Liberia, to parents Sei Cooper Zennahgbian Gausi and Yei Gonyonor Gausi. She received her primary education from kindergarten through the eighth grade at the Ganta Methodist Mission School from 1954 to 1962.  Her high school education was obtained from the College of West Africa, a Methodist school in Monrovia, Liberia.  Yei then matriculated at Cuttington College, (now known as Cuttington University) an Episcopal university in Suakoko, Bong County, from 1968 to 1970 where she obtained her B.Sc. degree in secondary education.  Fifteen years after college, she studied at the George Peabody College for Teachers in Nashville, Tennessee, and received her Masters Degree in educational administration in 1985.  Yei has served as a teacher, vice principal, and then principal of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts United Methodist and Junior High School in Monrovia.  She also worked as Registrar (Principal) Supervisor of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS) at night. In the United States, Yei worked at Circuit City, Tutor Time, the Home Depot, Sharon Daycare, and with the financial assistance of brother, Saye McDonald Demann, she started her own business, a convenience store that she operates along with her husband, Mr. Roland Wuor. Yei has many children and had been married for thirty-four years to Roland S. Wuor.  Her hobbies include assisting her family and other people, reading, singing, and writing.  Yei is a devout Christian.

About the book

Have you ever traveled physically, mentally – or by reading books, watching movies, and other materials, far from where you live? I hope so, because Celebration of Life in Lei-ghen is a book that will leave a definite imprint on your mind.  It will create for you a desire for more, or even plan a visit to Lei-ghen.  This is a book about a people who live a very simple life and celebrate their lives in special ways.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016930836

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 Praises for Yei  Ruth Gausi Wuor’s Book

“Yei’s book reminds me so much of my own childhood days growing up in
Dingamo, a town in the same clan and political subdivision as that of Lei-ghen. 
Celebration of Life in Lei-ghen is fascinating and breathtaking. 
Yei, thank you for the job well done.”

Eleanor Suah Badio

From Dingamo, Gar Clan,

Nimba County, Liberia

“Mrs. Wuor’s book, Celebration of Life in Lei-ghen, vividly describes the way
of life of the people in Lei-ghen.  It details the similarities of the cultures,
traditions and customs of the Mah people of Gar clan, and other ethnic peoples
of Nimba County and elsewhere in Liberia. This book is a MUST READ for those
who want to fully understand and appreciate the traditional culture of the
Mah people.”

Frederick Nkunky Meniboon,

From Gbedin, Gar Clan,

Nimba County, Liberia


“Yei’s book is one of the few Ethnographic books we have published at Kiiton Press.
There are about 16 languages spoken in Liberia.  Each language group brings with it,
 its own culture, history, tradition, language, and lifestyle. Many of these ethnic groups
 share many cultural, and traditional identities. Many of the Liberian languages
share similar cognates. Celebration of Life in Lei-ghen demonstrates many of
those collective lifestyles, cultures and traditions.  We hope readers everywhere will appreciate the valuable educational pieces Yei presents in her book.”

Dr. Nya Kwiawon Taryor, Sr.

From Gban, Gbannah Clan

Nimba County, Liberia  


The Publisher’s Note

Kiiton Press was established to fill the void and neglect left by the major publishing houses.  In addition, Kiiton Press focuses on publishing books especially for Liberian writers who otherwise may not have their books published by the big publishing houses.  This is why we have set up what we call The New KP Liberian Writers Series; to publish books for Liberian writers who need a professional publisher that understands the Liberian culture and context. We invite non-Liberian authors as well as those who are first time authors. Some of the authors for whom we publish are minorities, Latin Americans, Caribbean, Africans, African-Americans, Women, Children, Scholars, Non-scholars, Students and many more. Visit our Website:

We particularly invite Liberian writers to contribute to our New Liberian Writers Series.  Our dream is that the Liberian Writers Series will encourage Liberian scholars to write textbooks that are relevant and contextual for Liberian schools, colleges and universities. Most of the books in our school system, including the colleges, universities and even the seminaries, are out dated books written in foreign countries by foreigners for their own people.   Most of those books do not address our Liberian realities.  This is why it is important for Liberians to begin to write their own books that address Liberian context and realities.

It is with enormous gratitude and exceeding great joy that we welcome Mrs. Yei Ruth Gausi Wuor’s seminal contribution to our New Kiiton Press’ Liberian Writers Series No. 11.

Mrs. Wuor’s book describes a typical life in most Liberian towns and villages. She details the rhythm of life from the cradle to the grave; and all the nuances one finds in between.  She talks about child birth, initiation in secret societies during puberty, children’s education, building huts and houses in the village, marriage, farming, hunting, fishing, gathering firewood, food, fetching water, village storytelling tradition, the value of the ethnic language among the Mah people of Nimba County, the weather pattern and death and burial ceremonies in village tradition.

Anyone who has lived in a Liberian village will identify with the experiences Mrs. Wuor discusses in her book. This is a rich resource for the study of Liberian traditional life and the ethnic, social, and cultural fabric one will find in any Liberian village.

We encourage the school system in Liberia to include this book on their list of textbooks to be used in the various high schools, colleges and universities as the need may arise. We also encourage the general public to use the book because there is much to learn from what Mrs. Yei Ruth Gausi Wuor has written. Mrs. Wuor writes from her childhood experience about the village in which she grew up and the impact the village had on her life during her formative years.  She has our compliment.

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ISBN (10)  0-913491-44-6
ISBN (13)  978-0-913491-447

Library of Congress Control Number: 2016963622

       Table of Contents--------------------------------i


             Foreword -----------------------------------------  2

Introduction:  Man-made Divisions-------  6


 1          A Brief History of Liberia----------------------  8

 2          Gossip About the 1989 War-------------------- 13

 3          Full-Blown War---------------------------------   17

 4          School Board Meeting--------------------------  20

 5          Radio News--------------------------------------   29

 6          Travel to Sierra Leone--------------------------  33

 7          The Journey Continues-------------------------  37

 8          Activities in Freetown--------------------------  47

 9          Schools for the Children------------------------ 49

 10        Work with Bishop Arthur Kulah--------------- 51

 11        Remaining in Freetown--------------------------57

 12        Observation--------------------------------------  69

 13        Bye-------------------------------------------------73

 14        The Camp:  “Good Morning Lord”------------80

 15        To the USA:  A Matter of Opportunity------- 87

 16        Passionate about Sales and Children---------- 95

 17        A Store of Our Own - and Thieves-----------103

 18       Accomplishing What the Good Lord Wants-110

         Books Published by KP for Liberian Authors-112


About the book

In this striking story, Mrs. Yei Ruth Gausi Wuor tells of her experiences during the Liberian Civil War and beyond. Mrs. Wour hails from Liberia where she once served as a school administrator and a principal of an elementary school in which one of Liberian’s President sent his children.  Yei shares her unique perspectives of the Civil War.

Yei and her family were forced to flee the country in a frightening turn of events when it seemed no longer safe.  Though they would attempt to return, in the end, it seemed that their lot was cast to leave their own home and be refugees.  Moving finally to a larger refugee camp-become town-in Ghana. Yei eventually meets with luck as her name is drawn for the lottery to leave for the United States of America.  They are ecstatic! 

America turns out to have its own challenges which Yei details for the reader.  Finally, though, she ends on a happy note of being able to look forward under God’s guidance to a better life.  Much of Yei’s story is reflected in this volume.   Unfortunately, Yei’s husband, Mr. Roland Wour passed away in America.  However, Yei and her children who now have families of their own, reside in Charlotte, North Carolina where she attends Purcell United Methodist Church, a small, traditional urban church.  Yei is an active and respected member and she sings in the church choir. This book is her second book.  Her first book is titled: Celebration of Life in Lei-ghen, Nimba County, Liberia. 2016.

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Jan. 22, 2017


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